Monday, August 15, 2011

An Update and Beware of the long post!

Between going away to Washington, DC, a very intensive post grad class and my first wedding photography shoot - I have been busy!  I have been already asked to do another wedding next year!
I have been making cards like crazy; my scrapbooking needs lots of catching up to do.  I am teaching the next two weekends at Scrap En Masse - so I have still some work to do for those classes!!  I'm glad I'm off on Summer holidays - work would just be getting in the way!!
Check in again this week - hopefully, I'll have more to post!

Here is a picture of the boys - they are just over a year - and 17lbs each!! 
We were glad to get home to see them!!

Here are some cards I have been working on over the last little bit:

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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