Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beware of the Long Post!!

We are back from Boston and the Cape -- I had so much fun shopping at Colorful Creations in Hyannis!!! WOW!!! I even had my photo taken with Tim Holtz!! (ok it was a cardboard cut-out) but it is as close I have gotten!!!

When I got back, SSZ was having another one of their awesome crops! I joined late - but got 'er done!! I cropped all day Monday and managed 13 challenges. It is a great way to try new things and get some old LOs done!
Some of the other LOs and altered items are things I have done over the last while!

Here we go....

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Closet Artist said...

ok I was inches from picking up the phone, about to give you heck that you never told me you met Tim Holtz and then I continued reading that it was a cardboard cutout!!! LOL too funny!!!!