Monday, August 27, 2007


My laptop is back -- so I have a bunch of cards and LO's to it goes!!!

This card is for Howie - Beerafella transformed to C2 - his Coke favourite!

This is for Tara, Glenn & Maya - for their new home...

This card was from Virginia - a winter card kit!

This card was my first seller! Tara bought it for her house cleaner!!

This is the first page of my Pennsylvania scrapbook!

These are 2pg LO kits I bought from the scrapbook store in Hershey - thanks to Renee for her help in cutting the Amish quilt out!!! I would still be cutting and sanding!!!

1 comment:

Closet Artist said...

finally an update! i was going into withdrawl! luv all your cards girlie. you HAVE to make them public for the world to see!!!!